Leatherjacket Lawn Treatment

Wednesday, 28 July, 2021

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Leatherjacket Lawn Treatment

The only leatherjacket lawn treatment available is to apply nematodes in the Autumn and Spring.

Once applied to the lawn, the nematodes will attack and infect the leatherjackets in the lawn.

A couple of leatherjacket lawn treatments may be necessary to control the initial infestation of leatherjackets followed by regular annual leatherjacket lawn treatment.

The number of eggs laid in the soil by the crane fly can be reduced by applying a chemical spray in August & September.

Leatherjacket Lawn Treatment Wells, Somerset

The photos above show a small lawn that underwent leatherjacket lawn treatment after being affected by leatherjackets in the lawn. The first photo, taken at the end of March, shows the lawn completely stripped by leatherjackets from eating the grass roots. The second photo was taken at the end of June after the following leatherjacket lawn treatment was carried out on the lawn in April:

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Do you need leatherjacket lawn treatment?

If so, then we can help. We can offer advice on leatherjacket lawn treatment and can implement an annual pest control programme including leatherjacket lawn treatment to ensure your lawn remains free of leatherjackets.