Lawn Mowing Glastonbury

Lawn Mowing Glastonbury

Need your grass cut in Glastonbury? I can offer lawn mowing in Glastonbury as part of a lawn treatment programme or as a stand-alone lawn mowing schedule for customers based in Glastonbury, Somerset.

Lawn Mowing Services in Glastonbury 

I use self propelled (pedestrian) rotary mowers to cut the majority of my lawns, this type of mower will collect the clippings if required or mulch them back into the lawn.  I cut on a weekly or fortnightly basis, unfortunately I do not offer 'one-off' mowing visits or tractor mowing of paddocks or orchards. 

---Lawns under 700 square metres will be mown with a 'roller' mower which will leave a 'Wimbledon' stripe, most lawns will have clippings boxed. The mower will be manufactured by either 'Hayter' or 'Stihl'.

---Lawns over 700 square metres will be cut with a large 30 inch fine-cut, twin-blade, pedestrian mower.  Clippings are usually mulched or side-discharged.  

I specialise in mowing (and maintaining) medium to large domestic lawns ranging from 100 to 2,000 square metres.

My pricing structure is based on square meterage and prices start at £17 per visit.

Increases in prices may occur where there are: 

---Numerous obstacles to negotiate such as flower beds/trees
---Steep banks to mow
---Numerous small lawns rather than one large lawn
---Time spent strimming/blowing

The lawn mowing programmes on the majority of lawns for our customers in Glastonbury tend to be either weekly or fortnightly grass cutting. These grass cutting programmes run from March to mid-October with one 'topping' grass cut in February and one in November. Weekly lawn mowing in Glastonbury always gives a better quality lawn.

I can provide the appropriate lawn mowing machinery to cut any quality and size of lawn in Glastonbury up to approximately 2,000 square metres. 

Most lawn mowing plans in Glastonbury will include strimming/edging and 'blowing' paths and drives as standard.

From your initial enquiry, I can give you an accurate quotation for grass cutting over the phone if you provide me with an approximate size of your lawn in Glastonbury. It will, however, vary slightly if there are areas of flower beds and trees to mow around.


5 Good Reasons to Use Me

  1. I am an independent operator and not part of a franchise. You will deal with me 100% of the time, from our initial meeting to the work being carried out. I get to know you; you get to know me... more importantly I get to know the characteristics of your lawn. It will always be me that works on your lawn, not an inexperienced operative.
  2. I trained at the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden at Wisley in Surrey. I spent two years residing in RHS accommodation and was trained by some of the country's finest and most experienced horticulturalists. I qualified with the RHS Wisley Certificate (credit).
  3. I have City & Guilds qualifications in amenity horticulture covering: nursery practice, landscape, science, machinery maintenance, garden design, plant identification and turf culture. I trained for my C&G courses at Merrist Wood Agricultural College in Surrey.
  4. I am not 'tied-in' to one fertiliser/chemical company as most of the franchised operators are. If your lawn has a specific requirement, I can approach any company to obtain the best and most relevant products for your lawn.
  5. I am trained by the Institute of Groundsmanship to work on fine turf and bowling greens. I attended courses at Rolls-Royce (leisure) in Derby where I trained and worked on their range of prestigious greens.

Please contact me if you would like additional information about Lawn Mowing Glastonbury and what I can do to improve your lawn.