Lawn Disease Control

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn diseases tend to be overlooked by the majority of lawn owners; they can very often get confused with drought, dog urine patches or fertiliser scorching.  Incorrect cultural practices tends to be the cause of most disease attack and in most cases can be improved with correct mowing along with cultural practices such as spiking, scarifying, feeding etc.   As a sole trader, I will carry-out all work on your lawn....not an inexperienced operative. 

The main lawn diseases encountered here in Somerset are:

All the above diseases can look very similar on the lawn to the untrained eye.  In most cases they can be treated with the same one chemical and/or cultural improvements.  Diseases may be active and visible for a very short time (two weeks) but when the disease becomes inactive, unsightly scars will be left on the lawn for the rest of the season....think chickenpox!!

Diseases can ruin a beautifully manicured lawn so a disease prevention programme should be considered.  Diseases can be very difficult to identify correctly so If you suspect that your lawn may be suffering from a disease, please call me, I will visit to identify and then recommend a treatment plan.  All diseases can be controlled with fungicides or IPM (Intergrated Pest Management).  In many cases, an additional treatment of nitrogen added to a treatment plan will assist in eradicating the most common disease, red thread.




5 Good Reasons to Use Me

  1. I am an independent operator and not part of a franchise. You will deal with me 100% of the time, from our initial meeting to the work being carried out. I get to know you; you get to know me... more importantly I get to know the characteristics of your lawn. It will always be me that works on your lawn, not an inexperienced operative.
  2. I trained at the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden at Wisley in Surrey. I spent two years residing in RHS accommodation and was trained by some of the country's finest and most experienced horticulturalists. I qualified with the RHS Wisley Certificate (credit).
  3. I have City & Guilds qualifications in amenity horticulture covering: nursery practice, landscape, science, machinery maintenance, garden design, plant identification and turf culture. I trained for my C&G courses at Merrist Wood Agricultural College in Surrey.
  4. I am not 'tied-in' to one fertiliser/chemical company as most of the franchised operators are. If your lawn has a specific requirement, I can approach any company to obtain the best and most relevant products for your lawn.
  5. I am trained by the Institute of Groundsmanship to work on fine turf and bowling greens. I attended courses at Rolls-Royce (leisure) in Derby where I trained and worked on their range of prestigious greens.

Please contact me if you would like additional information about Lawn Disease Control and what I can do to improve your lawn.