Lawn Wetting Agents

Lawn Wetting Agents

Drought can very quickly turn a lawn brown; lawn water management and forward planning can help prevent this.

Using a lawn 'wetting agent' on a regular basis will enable water to quickly penetrate deep within the soil during the summer months rather than sitting on the lawn surface and soaking into the shallow moss and thatch where it will never reach the roots. The water needs to reach the rootzone and a lawn wetting agent will help water do this rapidly.

Lawn wetting agents will also help cure problem areas of fairy rings and dry patch which is caused by hydrophobic soil. Dry patch will show as large areas of brown grass caused by water unable to be taken up by the roots due to a combination of soil fungi and increased surface tension.

Lawn wetting agents can be very beneficial on a sloping lawn or steep bank where rain and irrigation water naturally rolls to the bottom before penetrating the surface of the lawn.

Please contact me if you'd like to find out more about lawn water management in Wells and how lawn wetting agents can help your lawn.

5 Good Reasons to Use Me

  1. I am an independent operator and not part of a franchise. You will deal with me 100% of the time, from our initial meeting to the work being carried out. I get to know you; you get to know me... more importantly I get to know the characteristics of your lawn. It will always be me that works on your lawn, not an inexperienced operative.
  2. I trained at the Royal Horticultural Society's Garden at Wisley in Surrey. I spent two years residing in RHS accommodation and was trained by some of the country's finest and most experienced horticulturalists. I qualified with the RHS Wisley Certificate (credit).
  3. I have City & Guilds qualifications in amenity horticulture covering: nursery practice, landscape, science, machinery maintenance, garden design, plant identification and turf culture. I trained for my C&G courses at Merrist Wood Agricultural College in Surrey.
  4. I am not 'tied-in' to one fertiliser/chemical company as most of the franchised operators are. If your lawn has a specific requirement, I can approach any company to obtain the best and most relevant products for your lawn.
  5. I am trained by the Institute of Groundsmanship to work on fine turf and bowling greens. I attended courses at Rolls-Royce (leisure) in Derby where I trained and worked on their range of prestigious greens.

Please contact me if you would like additional information about Lawn Wetting Agents and what I can do to improve your lawn.