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Moss & Weed Control in Lawns

Moss & Weed Control in Lawns

Moss is usually caused by poor growing conditions, this could be high or low soil p.H, heavy clay soil, mower scalping, shade, waterlogging, compaction etc.

To eradicate moss, these problems need rectifying, usually by changing cultural practices or growing conditions. I can give advice and help to improve the long term situation.

Moss killing with chemicals is the easiest way to get rid of moss albeit temporary, without the above cultural problems being solved the moss will return sometime after the chemical application.  Moss killing is carried out from September to March, the lawn will be sprayed with a chemical, the moss will blacken and die within hours, this can then be scarified to remove dead moss or just left to deteriorate and naturally breakdown. 

Most moss killing chemicals will reduce the pH of the soil which will be beneficial for fine grasses, it will encourage the reduction of weeds and Annual Meadow Grass.   

Weed control is carried out from late March into early/mid Summer. One application of herbicide is usually enough to control weed growth but occasionally a second application may be required, especially if the lawn hasn't been treated for several years and has a lot of deep rooted weeds such as dandelion and dock. 

Herbicide spraying is usually carried out at the same time as fertiliser application and is highly effective when the lawn is growing strongly.